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If you are reading this blog, then you've probably already experienced the impact of yoga on your day job...

Or maybe you are just curious because the benefits of yoga have been getting a lot of press lately.

Yoga can do great things for you physically--like make you stronger and more flexible. But it can also do great things for you mentally and emotionally—like help you shed stress and become more peaceful.

This blog is designed for "yogis with day jobs."  Every post is designed to help you leverage your practice to find joy, meaning, and freedom in a world of demands.  You can sign up on the right to get posts delivered weekly or simply find them right here on this site.

When I first started practicing, I was amazed at how many serious students and yoga teachers I met who had demanding day jobs.  All of them had found—like me—that yoga was more than just an hour escape.  Consistent practice produced benefits that actually followed us back into our day jobs.  Something shifted on the inside that made us calmer, more flexible. Peaceful.

Yoga doesn't seem to care about your age, gender, fitness level or profession.  It is accessible to everyone.

My deep hope is that this blog helps you in your practice, because we could all use a little bit more freedom from the World-of-Demands.

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