How to Label Yoga Mats and Blocks

If you take your own mat and blocks to yoga classes, you may have noticed that labeling yoga equipment isn't easy. Sharpies tend to wear off leaving you with little black imprints on your hands/feet. So I experimented with an embossing technique for foam and found that it works on yoga gear! Here's the process:

1) Find a rubber stamp that you want to use for labeling. (I chose a big block H that I happened to have on hand.)

2) Use a heat gun to warm a corner of the foam block or yoga mat for about 30 seconds until the area just starts to get a little shiny.

Heat guns are available at most crafting stores or online for about $12.

3) Press the rubber stamp—without ink—firmly into the area that you just warmed with the heat gun and hold there for about 30 seconds.

4) Voila. Your equipment is marked. This technique also works on yoga mats, though the results aren't quite as crisp because the mats are textured.


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