13 Things You Need to Know If Your Partner's Training to be a Yoga Teacher

Dear Significant Other,

When you first heard this idea of your romantic partner becoming a yoga teacher, you were supportive. Maybe even happy for him/her. But you probably didn't realize exactly what you were signing up for. Here's some helpful advice to navigate the process:
  1. Yoga is about to become the solution to every problem. Just don't say it isn't.  Seriously. Don't.
  2. Your dosha is not a diagnosis. With a raised eyebrow your love interest may now start saying things like: "that's so pitta of you" or "that's so vata" or "only a kapha would do that."   Don't feel like you are being pejoratively diagnosed when your partner prattles on about your dosha. (Though when I took teacher training my teacher did tell us all to "marry a kapha.") 
  3. You like the Discovery Channel, right? In the beginning, your love interest may start sounding like a show on NatGeo.  Don't stress.  This is just the anatomy portion of the training.  It will pass. 
  4. Your mom always told you to eat your veggies. There may be pressure to go vegan when your partner learns about ahimsa. Be flexible.  Try some additional veggie dishes. This will also pass.  Or not.  If it doesn't, whatever you do DON'T try the vegan cheese. 
  5. Make room. Your home is about to be flooded with a ton of yoga props.  Blankets, bolsters, blocks, meditation cushions, malas.  Clean out a closet.  Or a spare room.  Or just get comfortable sitting 6" off the ground. 
  6. Namaste is just a greeting.  Like hello or goodbye.  Or it is the new bumper sticker on your car.
  7. Yoga pants are super comfy. You will probably notice a difference in your partner's dress as they start wearing yoga pants everywhere—even throwing a suit jacket over them to try to get them to pass at the office.  It might not surprise you that they are super comfortable. You should try them.  (But if you buy from Lululemon lean over and get someone to check the opacity. Trust me, this is solid advice.)
  8. Much of this is invisible. Your romantic partner might talk about doing things to balance their chakras or open their third eye.  Don't freak out. You won't see it. Just nod and move on.
  9. Keep your Netflix account current. Your significant other may begin to watch a lot more documentaries.  Don't be surprised if you wind up on date night watching Food Inc, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Forks over Knives, Earthings, The Secret, or Kumare.  (If your yoga-teacher significant other is reading this over your shoulder and just said "ooh, I haven't seen that one, let's get it," I'm sorry.)
  10. Your posture is about to get noticed.  All. The. Time.  There is no fighting this.  Just sit up straight.  It is good for you.
  11. Take a deep breath. Your partner may want to coach you on diaphragmatic breathing. It's a good skill to learn.  In addition to giving you more energy, it helps you with singing and will come in handy in your later years when you are yelling at kids to get off of your lawn.
  12. It's legal in most states. Yes, there is a "yoga high." You are not mistaken if your partner comes back from a training weekend inordinately chill.
  13. Yoga sparks change.  Don't be alarmed if your significant other begins to question their big life choices such as their career path. The practice of Yoga sparks transformation, and your partner is being immersed in a lot of it at the moment.  Of course, if they start questioning their choice of you...well...you might need to get a little alarmed.  
         And then, you may want to sign up for yoga teacher training.


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