Five Simple Yoga Poses to Practice at the Office

One of the big challenges of a desk job is that we sit still all day when our bodies were created for movement. 

This week, set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to take small "asana breaks" during the day.

Here are some poses you may be able to do without too much awkwardness in your office:

Chest opener. Clasp hands behind your back and externally rotate the shoulders to open the chest.

Tadasana. Simply stand and focus on grounding through all four corners of the feed. Create length between the pubic bone and the navel. Draw the shoulders up and back.  Balance the head over the spine.  Feel the stability and grounded feeling that this pose creates.

Half crescent moon stretch.  From tadasana, reach both arms over head and take the right wrist with the left hand and pull up as you lean to the left.  Repeat other side. 

Forward fold (Uttanasana).  From tadasana, exhale as you lean forward from the hip joints. Bend the knees as much as you need to to get the chest to the thighs. Emphasize lengthening the spine with every exhale.

Simple Twist. Sitting in your chair adjust your weight evenly on your sit bones. Lengthen the spine and twist to the left. Inhale lengthen. Exhale twist a little more to the left. For three breaths. Reverse and do it to the right.

Depending on your office, you may be able to keep a mat and run through a few sun salutations during the day, or even break away for lunchtime yoga nidra.  (Some yoga teachers have even been known to slip away into an empty office to practice a headstand or legs up the wall whenever stress is running particularly high.) In any case, yoga helps our energy flow.  And we could all use a little more energy at the office. 

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