Yoga Energetics | Brahamana

There are different types of energetics in yoga that our asana, pranayama and meditation practices can create.

Brahmana is expanding, accelerating, and energizing. .

Focusing on the inhalation and hold after inhalation builds energy.  Backbends and laterals—which expand the chest region produce this energetic effect.  

Brahmana practices energize and heat the body, and are effective for overcoming sluggishness and inertia.

What practices could you do this week to embrace brahmana? 

A simple one is to simply increase your inhale or holding after inhale. Another is to change your posture to physically expand your chest. 

The next time you find yourself lacking motivation to finish a task at work that seems especially daunting or find yourself with that 3 pm dip in energy, try lifting your arms overhead, then folding your hands behind your head to creatie a gentle backbend.  If you can hold the pose for two minutes, that will give the energetics time to take effect.  

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