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There are different types of energetics in yoga that our asana, pranayama and meditation practices can create.
  • Brahmana is expanding, accelerating, and energizing. It is associated with inhaling prana and the chest region. Backbends and laterals are bramana poses.  
  • Samana is balancing, integrating and equalizing. It has a harmonizing effect and focuses the mind. Twists are samana poses.
  • Langhana is quieting, calming, cooling and internalizing. It is associated with exhaling, elimination, and the abdominal region. Forward bends and inversions are langhana poses. 
Langhana means "to reduce" in Sanskrit.  Ever get that feeling that your body is clenched like a fist? Does stress ever make you feel tight and wound? Langhana practices with a focus on the exhale allow us to release that effect. 

We live in a world that demands a lot of energy, but always working to build energy without taking time to ground and calm ourselves is like always inhaling and never exhaling. Or eating food without ever eliminating. Our bodies needs that energy of release.

What practices could you do this week to embrace langhana? A simple one is to simply increase your exhale.  

If you inhale to a four count, then exhale eight.  Try this the next time you are on an endless conference call and you feel that tightness begin at the base of your skull.  Inhale four. Exhale eight. Maintain that 1:2 breath until you feel the tightness melt and your body calm.

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